Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Beer Tomorrow

There is a story about a fellow who is new to the neighborhood and drops into the local tavern one evening for a drink. The place is clean, the people are friendly, the prices reasonable, so he thinks he may have found a good "hang-out" for himself, within walking distance of his home. 
He is really delighted when he notes a sign behind the bar that says "Free Beer Tomorrow." Boy, he thinks, this is my kind of place. So he has a couple drafts, tips the bartender, and heads for home, planning to return tomorrow for the free beer he read about.
As he worked during the day, his mind kept going to the free beer that would be his at the end of the day. When he finally got to the bar, he went in, sat down at a vacant stool and smiled at the bartender, saying "I'll have one of those free beers!"
The bartender smiled and pointed at the sign and said, "Ah, Mate... that's tomorrow!"
- - -
Okay, it IS a bit of a shaggy dog story, but it points out a truth of which we need to be aware. Our word is our power, and what we think - as well as what we say - becomes our experience. If I am forever 'futurizing' my good, it will always be tomorrow.
How many times in a day do I say "I'm going to" do something? How often do I say "It will be" a certain way. As long as "I am going to" do anything, I am not doing it... I am planning it, I am intending it, I am wishing it, but I am NOT doing it. And I am giving the Universe that message. This is not something that is mine... it is something that "will be" mine. Down the road. Around the bend. One of these days. When the time is right. 
In the philosophy I teach, we say our word is our power. What we believe creates our reality. We point out that what we focus on grows and what we resist persists. And all of these can be shown to be the case. The point I would make is, when we speak of an idea as happening in the future, then no matter how much we believe in its possibility, no matter how much we accept it as our good, no matter how positive we are, we are claiming it "tomorrow," like our friend and his "Free Beer."
So I make it a point, in the here and now, to know that good is right here for me. My day is going beautifully. Everything IS working out. Life is unfolding perfectly. Today. In this moment, everything I require is here and available..