Monday, September 29, 2008


"We are rare, not perfect."

So says Mark Nepo in his Book of Awakenings. I look at that idea and wonder. I know that, as Spirit, what I am IS perfect, whole and complete. There is nothing to heal or fix at the level of the Absolute... And yet, as the singular, human consciousness that is Linda, I exhaust myself in striving for perfection in myself and those around me.

Can I simply revel in my unique qualities as one in the Whole that is All? Can I understand that my rare and singular piece of the puzzle is designed to be what it is - perfect in its apparent flaws?

So much time spent fixing, when what wants to happen is simple living and turning to Truth as often and freely as I possibly can. I puzzle and I walk the tightrope called a conscious life. I recall the line from scriptures... "Lord, I believe. Help me with my unbelief."

Always, I remind myself to live in the questions. That's the only way to discover my self.

(I find that anything by Mark Nepo is worth reading - several times. His website:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not-so-Sweet Seductions

Seems that lately I am being more and more seduced by the world of effects - of current appearances. With the elections, the economy, the constant level of fear being promoted by the media and government, it is a challenge to stay the course on the high road of love.

I find myself wanting to respond in anger - even though what I know to be the Truth is that anger is simply a permutation of fear. .. and fear is a belief in the absence of love.
So it is a circle that I am following. Like the gerbil on the wheel, no matter how fast I run, I will stay in the same spot. I will continue to feel frustrated and angry as long as I allow my thoughts to be seduced by fear.

I am tired of Chicken Little running around screaming "the sky is falling" and I am tired of joining in the tirade so easily myself!

So maybe I let go of the circle and enter a spiral - going deeper or going higher; either way I remove myself from the endless wheel of fear and enter a new way of perceiving things.

If the Infinite truly is ALL there is - if God really is the Source of all things - and I do believe that; then finding a way to see the good even in what looks like bad to me is the only way out.

Namaste consciousness. That which is Divine in me recognizes and salutes that which is Divine in you. When we see the blessedness in one another, we raise the level of the playing field. We create a whole new game!