Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Day 9 Quest 2016

Visionary Chris Brogan: How will you better clarify who you serve and what you do for them in 2016?
This has brought up some intriguing thoughts as I have contemplated it. Who DO I serve? Do I serve my Board of Trustees? Do I serve my congregation? Do I serve God/Spirit/Life? In a way, I serve all three, but where and how?
How do I clarify this? Through a stronger and more consistent spiritual practice of prayer and meditation and journal work and physical self-care. Only when I am totally open to Spirit and Its work in and through my body and soul am I able to discern who I serve and how I serve (what I do).
When I strive to “meet the needs” of either the Board or the congregation, am I really just working at the level of effects? Is not my role really, more fully, to work at the level of causation? When what I do is come in to “fix” am I not undermining the personal power of everyone to create their own experience?
For years I have said my ministry is about empowerment – and yet I still struggle with letting go of control to allow people to succeed on their own. My role is to get clear on this and to articulate it more fully and completely in all I do – my talks, my classes, my meetings, my work on myself.
This is a big doorway – a lot of exploration to happen here – and it keeps coming back to big picture thinking and not getting sidetracked… moving out of the level of effects and dwelling in the beauty and power of Cause.

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